How much do our books cost?

Standard Pricing

Our books are priced at one-half the cover price with a minimum of 75 cents. A book with a cover price of $6.50 is priced at $3.25; a book with a cover price of 60 cents is priced at 75 cents.

We also have a large selection of books that are priced at only 25 cents!

Special Orders (New Books)

We order new books from Ingram just like the big bookstores. New books are priced at a 20% discount.

We do not charge a fee for ordering nor do we charge shipping/handling for books picked up at the store. The charge for books mailed is postage plus fifty cents shipping/handling. Insurance, if desired, is extra.

Trade credit can not be used for special order payments.

Special Orders (Used Books)

Occasionally we locate a book that we know a customer wants in another book store. These are priced according to the cost to us of purchasing the book -- the price will vary depending from which dealer we must purchase the book. There is no fee for our searching for the book, but shipping and handling charges (if applicable) will be added to the cost. Trade credit (see below) can not be used for special order (used books) payments.

Book sales

We frequently hold book sales. The discount offered at a sale varies depending on the purpose of the sale. Sometimes sale books may be marked as low as 10% of the cover price. More frequently, blocks of books are offered at 50% off our normal price (25% of the cover price).