Southern Comfort

You'll find Paperbacks Plus! in downtown Siler City, NC. Many of you will remember Siler City from the Andy Griffith show. Andy, Barney, and the other Mayberry folk went there on Saturday to do their shopping. In fact, Francis Bavier, the actress who played Aunt Bee, lived only a couple of miles from where Paperbacks Plus! now stands.

Paperbacks Plus! would have fit nicely with the other stores in the fictional Mayberry, RFD. You'll find the same down-home ambience in our store that existed in Floyd's Barber Shop or Walker's Drug Store. Folks don't run in, buy a book, and run out. They come to browse, to talk, to have a cup of coffee. Sometimes they forget to buy a book.

You get the same personal service at Paperbacks Plus! that you'd hope to find in any small-town store. We'll phone you and tell you that we just got several new titles by your favorite authors. And we'll hold them until you get a chance to come in.

Sick in bed? We'll fill a couple of boxes with books we think you'll like and bring them to you. You keep them a couple of days while you pull out the ones that you want. Then call us, and we'll come and fetch the rest.

Oh yeah. We're about a block from the post office, just up the street from the hardware store, and not too far from the tractor dealer. What more could you ask for on a Saturday morning.