Our Trade Policies
How do we handle Trades?

Please understand that we do not accept every book offered to us as a trade. The primary criteria that determines whether or not we will accept a book are the condition of the book and whether or not the book has resale value for us.

Trade Value of Books

As a rule, the value of a book for trade purposes is one-fourth the cover price of the book. A book with an $8.00 cover price gives $2.00 in trade credit.

Using Trade Credit

Trade credit can be used to pay for 75% of any purchase from our regular stock. Trade credit can not be used as part of the payment for sale books, special order books, or books on consignment..

Here's an example of how trade credit is applied:

  1. You trade two $10 books, earning a trade credit of $5 (one-fourth of the $20 cover price total)
  2. You select two books from our regular stock costing $2 each. Your total purchase is $4.
  3. The amount you must pay in cash is $1. You use $3 of your credit to pay the remainder.
  4. You have $2 in credit left over that may be applied another time.

Trade credit may be accumulated over multiple visits.